Attraverso il disegno // Through drawing

when: 25 January – 18 February 2020
where: Centro Socio Culturale di Trezzano sul Naviglio, Milan
what: solo exhibition
focus: drawing as a learning and self-reflection tool

Attraverso il disegno (Through drawing) is an concept exhibition aimed at sharing and communicating experiences connected to the expressive medium of drawing through the work of the illustrator and primary school teacher Alessandro Grambone and his students.

The exhibition was held from 25 January to 18 February 2020 at Centro Socio Culturale (via Alessandro Manzoni 10) in Trezzano sul Naviglio, Milan, with the sponsorship of the city hall and in partnership with Ortica Studio.


The theme -drawing- is explored from different points of view within four show set-ups. In the first display area (Disegno per l’apprendimento) drawing is presented as a learning experience. An elementary school science book is reinterpreted by Alex and proposed as an additional tool to reinforce concepts learnt at school on traditional manuals. Drawing becomes a practical mediator that plays on visual memory and creates a charming storytelling able to engage a younger demographic.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è umani_cielo.jpg
Appunti di scienze per sbarbi, Gramba (2019)

Kids are also the main characters and authors of the Monnalise stravaganti series (Odd Monnalisas). The main theme is self-expression within given constraints. Everyone is let free to interpret the famous Da Vinci’s artwork while keeping its silhouette. The series is composed by a plethora of portraits where the unity of the vision brings together the variety of each individual work.

Self-expression is free to flourish through the graphic line in a constraint-free space: imagination. In the third display area, the impossible creatures of The monsters (I mostri) series become a means to go beyond the limits of reality, laws and stereotypes. The monsters are a morphing material, able to show the peculiar traits of each of their creators.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è Monnalise.jpg
Monnalise, 2019

Alex worked with his students to the Di-Segni series and asked the kids to draw a monster. In this exercise, the stroke is a means for the children to become more aware of their personality. Alex reworked the first drawings produced by the pupils to highlight their main traits and make them emerge more strongly. This process was used to show the kids how personal, unique and thus beautiful and sincere a stroke can be. By doing this operation daily, through positive reinforcement, children learnt to deeply explore themselves. By drawing they overcome fears, insecurities and make themselves creators of beauty and strength.


Attraverso il disegno is a project created in partnership with Ortica Studio, independent design studio directed by Ivan D’Antuono and Alberto Consentino. Besides curating the visual identity of the project, Ortica also curated the exhibition set up and catalogue.