About us


Il logo di Joint Arts è una reinterpretazione degli elementi architettonici più notevoli di Bologna, ovvero torri, portici e corti, in un labirinto senza soluzione.

Joint Arts is a cultural association founded in 2016 in Bologna by a group of students of Arts management, with the aim of promoting the artistic heritage of the city and bringing the audience to appreciate its contemporary expressions.

MISSION – what we do
Providing citizens with multidisciplinary cultural activities designed to reconnect them with local artistic and historical heritage in its contemporary forms (street art, comics).

VISION – what we want
Contributing to the public awareness of history through art in all its forms.

METHODS – how we do it
History and local identities are subjects often debated with specialistic languages that are not easily understood by the community they are related to. 
The Joint Arts method communicated the very same topics through contemporary artistic languages that are more accessible to the communities, while elevating these languages, whose value is hardly recognized, to means of social communication

Our team

Camilla Marchioni, president


Born and raised in Bologna, Camilla is a bachelor graduate in Cultural Sciences at Università di Modena and a GIOCA master’s degree graduate in Bologna.  She developed working experience in the field of live music promotion and she has an interest for contemporary art forms, ranging from auteur cinema to street art. Visit her at camillamarchioni.altervista.org

Elena Lo Greco


Hailing from Palermo, she continued her education in Ravenna and later in Bologna where she graduated in Visual Arts. She contributed to the association’s research team.

Bruno Goppion


Museums have always been at the center of Bruno’s professional and personal life, and his focus is on the management of projects in the US and European markets for Goppion Technology Spa. He has a Bachelor’s degree in History and Geography from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and a Master’s degree in Culture and Arts Management from Università di Bologna. His dissertations for both degrees were on the role of museums in politics, the economy and cultural identity.

Isabella Giorgio


Isabella works in London in the Creative Team of The Reading Agency, a national charity that harnesses the power of reading to tackle life’s challenges, like literacy, health and wellbeing and isolation and loneliness.
She has previously worked in theatre production and communication.
Isabella has a BA in Visual Arts and Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna and an MA in Arts and Culture Management from the University of Bologna.
She is interested in creating social value through art and culture.

Marco Giannoni


Hailing from Empoli, Tuscany, currently based in London, Marco gained a Bachelor in Arabic Language, Culture and Markets and a GIOCA graduate at Università di Bologna. Social media manager for Joint Arts, he performed a key role in the debut of the association’s communications.

Giulia Di Matteo, secretary


Giulia studied Technologies and diagnostics for conservation and restoration of cultural heritage in Ravenna, but besides her scientific studies she is interested in any form of artistic expression. Her internship experience in a research laboratory of Berlin allowed her to live in an inspiring multicultural environment, which fostered her passion for urban and contemporary art. Hailing from Palermo, after her graduate in GIOCA at Università di Bologna she stayed in Emilia-Romagna.

Daniele Auditore, vicepresident


Born in Bologna, Daniele studied Scandinavian languages, literatures and cultures and Theory of literature, comparative literature and linguistics at Università di Bologna. Since 2008 he has been contributing to the activities of Bologna-based not-for-profit associations active in the dissemination of street art as enrichment of the urban landscape. He is part of the Joint Arts research team.

Past Joint Arts members:

Jessica Gray • Hailing from New York, Jessica studied Arts management (GIOCA) in Bologna. She contributed to the association’s activities by informing it with her research on the social impact of business and the creation of value between stakeholders.

Caterina Fiaschi • Caterina was born and raised in Florence, where she gained a bachelor in Management of Events and Arts and Entertainment Business. After her GIOCA graduate in Bologna she has been furthering her interest for european cultural policies in Bruxelles.

Francesco Citerni • Francesco, graduate in Literature and later in GIOCA at Università di Bologna, was fundraiser for Joint Arts, with the task of researching potential business partners.

Gökçer Alir • Born in 1991 in Izmir, Turkey, Gökçer studied Economics in Istanbul where he graduated with a dissertation on the economics of the art market. He was Joint’ Arts’ official photographer.